Monday, April 16, 2007

Something Old Is New Again

My black leather jacket has been lying around my home for the past three or four-years. Ever since the zipper broke and I got a salt stain in the right-arm sleeve, I have just been too lazy to either replace it, or get it fixed up.

Well, my trusty old brown leather bomber jacket was starting to show the signs of wear and tear – complete with holes in the arms, right through to the skin. So, I decided to go out and get my black leather jacket fixed up.

Both jackets are old. My brown sheep-skin leather bomber jacket I had way back since high school – probably over 15-20-years ago! My black leather jacket is newer, but still not new, I got that probably seven or eight-years ago.

I tool my black leather jacket into the cleaners last week and got it back today. WOW! It looks like a new jacket.

The zipper works perfectly, and because I had it dry cleaned, it is all shiny and new looking. I swear it even smells like new, fine Italian leather!

I was amazed when I picked it up – it is awesomely new like.

Originally my black leather jacket set me back over $300. To get it looking like new only cost me about $100 and some change. Well worth the investment of money and time – it took ‘em 10-days to get it back to me.

I feel so “cool” in my black leather jacket, black toque, black leather boots, and black leather gloves! All I need is a Harley and I’m cruisin’.

This got me thinking, wondering what else I have stored away in my closet which can become useful and new again, with a little time and money?

It is far cheaper to get things cleaned and repaired, than to buy them new in the stores. If they were unable to clean my jacket, or fix the zipper, I’d probably buy a new one. My old brown bomber jacket is sadly being retired this year.

The holes in the arms are too deep and big to repair. And it is worn so badly, it could easily be worn by someone who was homeless.

That brown sheep-skin bomber jacket has served me well. I went to high school in it, university and even college. It served me in the army while in my “civvies” in the winter and it has even been worn to family and friend’s places many times over. That jacket has seen everything I have for the past 15-20-years.

But out with the old, in with the almost new.

Where’s that black leather jacket? I feel like going for a walk
to show it off!

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