Monday, April 02, 2007

Scrubbing Bubbles

A few months ago I saw an add for something that actually looked like a really cool new product – the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner.

This new product essentially sprays cleaner around your entire shower and bath after each shower, soaking the entire area until your next shower. When you shower next, you rinse the dirt and grime away, and then the cleaner will spray again after you shower, to create a never-ending cycle of automatic cleanings.

Pretty cool idea to anyone who has ever had the joys of cleaning their own shower and bath by hand. It is a laborious task, involving lots of back breaking scrubbing, bending and the potential of slipping and falling.

So, when I saw this nifty idea advertised on TV, I just had to get one.

Problem was –it wasn’t anywhere to be found! I checked out grocery stores, drugstores, hardware stores, even dollar stores – nope, nadda nothing.

What good is a new product if you can’t even find it?

That was a few months ago – hell it was probably before Xmas.

Today – SUCCESS – I found this cool product. I ran into the local grocery store where I usually shop to grab some tin foil – and there she be!

I was amazed and awe struck – literally. I had just been in this very same grocery store a couple of days ago to do a major grocery shop and it wasn’t there. They must have just got them in today – my lucky day.

And they were cheaper than I expected. The add on TV said they retail for about $40, the price on the sticker said $24.95 – so I picked one up and brought it home.

It was really well packed, good and tight. But it was also easy to open – a note to any product manufacturers out there to follow. So often when I buy something it is so tightly packed, I risk damaging the product with scissors, knives or whatever else I need to pry off the wrapping. But this product was logically packed and easy to open. And yes – the batteries were even included!

It is simple to use, it just hangs on the shower head pipe, with a bottle of cleaner in it, run by a battery operated sprayer.

It says to run it on a wet shower, so I ran my shower for the five or so minutes it took me to read the instructions and assemble the unit.

Then I ran the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. It ran and now my shower smells all fresh and clean!

It says it takes several uses to get it sparkling clean – so I’ll have to get back to you on how well it works.

But so far, I’m pretty happy with it – now that I have found it.

I had given up looking for the thing, as it wasn’t in any of what one would assume would be logical places for it to be.

Not even Canadian Tire – I checked there too. Good ‘ol Canadian Tire should have any cool new products for cleaning a bachelor’s home – it is the perfect “mans” store.

It is – where else can you buy tires, power tools and Twinkies?

But that’s another blog for another day.

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