Sunday, April 01, 2007

Passing Fake Gas

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you know about the constantly rising prices of gas.

Gas has been hovering around the Loonie/litre now for some time. People are complaining that they are being ripped off.

And they are right.

The big oil tycoons aren’t losing their shirts over their over-inflated gas prices. They are just getting better at coming up with reasons why the price is always up.

Yes, they had a fire at one of their refineries – but I bet that was just a brief bump on the pump prices if any.

Manufacturing gas shortages which really don’t exist is probably the work of the evil minds that run the gas companies. They figured people were getting peeved at the cost of gas, and so they needed a better way to justify their gouging practices.

So, we have a gas shortage.

No we don’t.

We’re just not able to prove ‘em otherwise – yet – so the price of gas rises.

If there really were a gas shortage, the big oil tycoons would be investing heavily in alternative energy sources like solar, wind and hydrothermal power. See, big business usually wants to stay in business, so the solar winds (so to speak) were blowing in another direction away from their current product (gas and oil) than they would be looking at other ways to earn a living.

But, the big oil tycoons aren’t looking into these so-called “green” alternative energies, so that indicates they know they won’t be losing their businesses over some shortage. Hence – no shortage!

What we need are governments to step in, investigate and find out for themselves that there really isn’t an oil shortage. Then, they can prosecute these bastards for ruining our economy.

Oil and gas runs our Western world.

We may think it only affects us at the gas station – it actually affects us all.

Truckers must pay more for gas, so they in turn charge more to deliver products. So, everything we buy goes up – groceries, fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy products, clothing, pots and pans – everything.

Oil and gas prices also affect many other things. It may cost more to produce products for companies which use gas-powered tools. Naturally they pass this cost onto us – the cost of these products goes up. So then we get a double whammy – it costs more to produce the product and it costs more to deliver that product to the stores for us to buy – and we the faithfully loyal dump-ass consumers pay for it all.

Oil and gas barrens are like the big banks – greedy, evil and rotten down to the core. It is one thing to look after your business interests and ensure profit. It is quite another to gouge those depending on your products and services with artificially created price hikes just to park another BMW in your executive parking spot.

I don’t know about you – but I think from now on I’ll walk.

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