Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Running with the Work Bunch

One week to go and then I’ll be running with the work bunch!

I signed up for the running club at the office. The running club is a small group of about 20 people, composed of fitness nuts like me, and others just trying to lose weight by doing some exercise after work.

We go on our very first run of the season a week today!

I’ve been on social committees at work, but never a running club. Usually I get my exercise at the gym. I’ll still hit the gym on a regular basis, but now I’ll have some extra cardio in my routine – thanks to work.

The running club allows for more than some fresh air and exercise. It is also a great way to get to know some of your colleagues outside the normal nine-to-five office environment.

Who knows, maybe my next raise will come because I had to give mouth-to-mouth to the company president!

Naw – that probably won’t happen.

But it is a great way to get to know fellow workers in a non-threatening, fun atmosphere.

I just hope I can keep up – I haven’t run outside in ages. I hit the treadmill and eclipse machines at the gym on a regular basis, but running outside is different.

Cardio machines at the gym help propel you alone, at a steady, even pace. There is no steady even pace outside, with pot holes, cars, bikes, pedestrians and other obstacles to avoid, you are constantly forced to change pace and cadence to keep up.

Also, the running club is set to run rain or shine – it’ll be interesting to see who shows up when it rains. I’ll be there – I’ve run in the rain, in the snow, in ice storms – I’ve had my fill of running in bad weather. After a while, you don’t mind it so much as see it as more of a safety concern to watch for – running on ice is not recommended.

One week today I’ll be running with the office’s running club!

I can hardly wait.

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