Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Best Part of Easter

The best part of Easter is Good Friday – not only is it a day off work, but after today, I don’t have to ever hear – “oh, I can’t – it’s lent.”

We all make sacrifices in life. Just like that Rolling Stones song, you can’t always get what you want.

However, some people sacrifice things for the good of their faith. Some won’t eat meat on Friday’s leading up to Easter, some won’t drink pop, and some won’t even have sex. Give up sex?!?! Come here. . .

WHALLUP up-side-the head!

What the hell were you thinking?!?!?

I don’t give anything up – for one thing I’m not Catholic – but if I did, I wouldn’t give up something I enjoy.

I know, the whole point is to give up something you enjoy to show your faith.

Well, I guess I just don’t have very much faith in faith.

I always believe in the power of me. When I do something right or wrong, it was because of my doing that something – not some unknown element in the universe from some supernatural omnipresent being.

Still, I have to congratulate those that can maintain their sacrifice – it can’t be easy in a world where everything is so easily available.

Imagine giving up sex, only to accidentally flip past a porno on TV? That would test even the most hardcore faith seekers. Or even more common, giving up chocolate for the month, and passing by all those chocolate Easter Eggs at the corner store every time you buy milk.

Maybe that’s a sign of faith in of itself – chocolate Easter Eggs! I always wondered why you could only get these yummy candies at Easter. Now I know – it is to tempt faith! Those that give up chocolate are constantly tested by having to pass these jewels up!

I get it – I really do!


But see my point?

So you gave up chocolate, sex, meat, pop – whatever – for a whole month. Good for you – but what have you learned?

You will probably be enjoying your banned substance soon enough, thinking “wow – I did it!”

The real test would be giving up your banned item for a year – now that is a true test of faith. Imagine giving up sex, chocolate, meat, pop – whatever – for an entire year!?!?!

A whole year of not having sex?

I bet road rage incidents would climb through the roof, people would be less friendly in general, and we’d have a population decline.

Is that really a good thing – just to prove your faith?

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