Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why I Like Summer In The City

Today is the first day of summer – June 21.

I love the summer months. Ice cream trucks, long sunny days, and warm summer evenings. Oh OH! Short skirts!


That’s why I love summer – short skirts!

Summer often brings out the best in people, but occasionally brings out the worst as well.

Why is it that some people don’t wear deodorant? They have all natural, environmentally friendly ones now – so that’s not the reason. So what the hell is?

More often than not, the very same people that don’t wear deodorant also don’t bathe too often either. I shower at least once a day – sometimes more if I was working out or doing a lot of physical activity. I see it as normal – I don’t want to be dirty, I like being clean. Why don’t some people?

The worst is when you’re stuck in line behind or next to one of these bozos. You want to say something, but that would be rude. But then, stinking is pretty rude too – so go ahead and speak up!

But what were we talking about? Oh yeah – summer – SHORT SKIRTS!

I like watching a nice pair of long, sleek, and – look! There goes the ice cream truck!

Chocolate vanilla swirl, dipped in that hot fudge sauce that hardens on contact with the cold ice cream. Mmmmmmmmmm that’s the best!

Even McDonald’s hot fudge Sundays are pretty good – with the vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce and those peanuts. But even better – go to Lick’s for a real treat.

Lick’s hot fudge Sunday allows two-scoops of any flavor for a SMALL Sunday and the large comes with a whopping three-scoops of any flavor of your choice – all covered in hot fudge sauce that is rich and creamy and oooooooh so goooood. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Short skirts, ice cream trucks and – oh! LONG WEEKENDS! Summer was meant for the long weekend.

On long weekends I like to take it easy. Sleep in, have a late breakfast, watch some television, go out for a jog and BBQ some burgers, steaks or anything that can be cooked on the grill.

Long weekends are what summer is all about. Sitting out on my balcony, sipping a cold cooler, a beer, or anything with some booze is heaven.

Summer is also a great time to walk up and down in the entertainment district. All the hosts and hostesses hang out on the sidewalk in front of their restaurants, trying to lure you into their establishments for a meal, a drink or both. I love cruising up the street, chatting up the hosts. They will say anything to get you into their place.

I remember once I went up to a French restaurant, and the host was bragging about how this was the most authentic French restaurant in the city. So, I asked him if I’d be able to learn French by eating there. He said “Oui oui, but of course.” I laughed and said, “cool, because all I know is ménage trios, and I don’t know if I’d get that in there. Is that on the menu?”

Long weekends, short skirts, ice cream trucks, hot fudge Sundays, longer days, having fun with the summer merchants.

Oh yeah – then there is the patio. Sitting outside at some bar or restaurant eating out in the sun, under an umbrella – that’s pretty cool too.

Even better if there are some short skirts around to serve the hot fudge Sundays. See I can take anything and toss it together to make it work!

Enjoy your summer.

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