Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Penn and Teller Rock

I love my digital cable. I watch it all the time. I get all the movie channels and really enjoy the Movienetwork onDemand.

With any of the onDemand channels, I can order up movies whenever I want. Stop them, start them, fast forward and rewind – it is just like renting a DVD or a VHS tape – only there is no tape or DVD.

On the Movienetwork onDemand, they have been hosting Penn and Teller’s Bullshit television show, from Showtime Networks.

Penn Juliet and his non-talking partner Teller discuss controversial subjects, and prove that they are bullshit.

They’ve discussed everything from prostitution, to Wal-Mart and everything in between. And they make it informative, using their usual wit and wisdom.

I love this show! It’s awesome – and sometimes I actually learn something.

I didn’t know that there was a whole movement in the States against Wal-Mart. People get all up and arms against the giant retailer, claiming it takes away business from smaller, local shops, and becomes the dominant market force in the area setting pricing trends.

I always thought UFOs and alien abductions were bullshit. Well, now I know for certain, as this show proved it for me – not that anyone with half a brain cell needed to be told that aliens aren’t real.

Penn and Teller are known for their long-running magic show in Las Vegas. In their magic shows, they do cool illusions and magical acts, and then show the audience how the magic is created. Often, their magic acts are laced with political statements, or themes about societal change.

Imagine the same sort of thing on your television. It’s a smaller screen version of their live act – and it works really well.

The topics are presented somewhat fairly, with experts on all sides of an issue. Though Penn and Teller clearly take sides, they tell you which side they are taking and why. Along the way, they illustrate their points with humorous bits, magic tricks and the occasional totally non-scientific Bullshit experiments.

Anyone who’s a Penn and Teller fan – or even if you’re a not – should check out the show. It’s on Showtime in the States, and available on the Movienetwork onDemand here in Canada.

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