Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Burp! Too Much Food Burp!

Ever notice how when you go out with friends, sometimes you just can’t help but to over-eat?

I enjoy good food and good food with good friends is all the better. But often, I find, when I’m out with friends we just always seem to stuff ourselves silly.

I’m not talking nice and full stuffed. Not talking about that warm tingly sensation when you’ve just crossed over the “I’m full mark,” either. Nope – I’m talking the “I can’t move” stuffed. You know when you wish secretly that you could undo your pants under the table to relieve the tension between your belly and the waistline.

It isn’t healthy to eat that much, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself. You sit there, enjoying the company of friends, and as you sit and talk, you eat. And you eat. And you keep eating until. . .

“I can’t move anymore!”

The very sight of food makes your tummy turn, and your eyes gloss over in pain and agony.

Then there is room for desert!

There’s always room for desert – somehow. You always have to find a way to enjoy a nice sweet treat after a big meal out on the town with friends.

It’s amazing how the desert menu – with those fancy wordsmithed descriptions, and those full color pictures, makes the pain and agony of being full go away.

“Our most decadent chocolate lover’s dream come true! Dark chocolate fudge brownie is surrounded with swirls of mocha icing, bathed in a dusting of icing sugar, and then finished with a flash of real whip cream.”

Give up now! Just wave the white flag. Once they create a description like that, you might as well just ask for a fork.

Then the pictures!

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but those meticulously placed deserts stare at you in full color – oozing sweet goodness.

Put the description and the picture together and you are already hooked – like a baited fish. You know it’s a trap, you know you shouldn’t but . . . TOO LATE!

As the desert is placed squarely in front of you, you indulge. Your once full beyond belief stomach is suddenly free and ready to accept more.

But only to a point – just as you think you’ve mastered the desert and are about to come half-way done – your stomach protests loudly.

The pain and agony of being full returns, and you are left holding the fork – literally!

You tease the chocolate sauce with your fork, spoon – whatever utensil you are using. It doesn’t matter – it’s laughing at you.

You couldn’t finish!

Take that!

The desert won. But you’ll do better next time. Next time you’ll be better prepared to tackle the over full stomach battle.

Or will you?

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