Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sparkling Smile

Teeth whitening has been a fad now for a few years.

All dentists will try to up-sell you on their whitening services.

“Your teeth are fine, but could be whiter. I just happen to offer a teeth whitening service. . .”

Sneaky. You go to your dentist thinking it is a medically necessary procedure to ensure your teeth last as long as you do, only to be the victim of a sales campaign.

Then you can go to those “specialists” that do nothing but whiten teeth. Using everything from lasers, white-out, they will make your teeth so white, when you smile everyone goes blind.

Or you can do what I did recently, and start using products readily available in your drugstore. I usually use Plax pre-brushing dental rinse to remove plaque. But as I was shopping around for my Plax, I noticed they didn’t have the flavor I liked.

I tried the red “original” flavor and thought it tasted far too much like medicine. So, as they didn’t have my flavor, and I was looking for a pre-brushing rinse, my eyes opened up to the Listerine Teeth Whitening rinse.

This bleach white bottle claims to whiten teeth in three months, with regular brushing.

You have to gargle with the stuff twice a day, and then brush, but I can handle that. Though it still doesn’t taste as good as the Plax I usually by – it at least doesn’t taste like medicine.

I don’t know how safe these teeth whitening products are – or how reliable.

If you take the time to read the ingredients, they actually have peroxide in them. Peroxide is the active ingredient in bleach, that turns white clothes white and everything else too. Peroxide is used in hair bleach to turn a brunette into a blonde.

It’s a chemical similar to acid.

Still, it is found in most teeth whitening products. I wonder how safe it is to drink bleach? In a sense that is what you are doing when you use these product – a small amount must get into your system when you gargle. Sure you spit most out, but some must remain inside.

I wonder if my insides are turning bright white by using this stuff?

Oh well, so long as my teeth get the whiter, I suppose it doesn’t really matter. Besides, who’s going to see my inside anyways?

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