Friday, August 24, 2007

The "No Change" Scam

I love to cook, but sometimes even I am too lazy-ass to pick up a spatula and start something. So I order in.

Usually ordering in is a relatively tame and easy experience. I even order online occasionally, which reduces the chance of human error by some kid in a call centre.

A while back I ordered from Pizza Pizza, they make great Italian pies. The order came to about $30, all I had were twenties. So I gave the guy $40 and he was supposed to make change.

“Oh, I’m sorry Sir,” he claims. “I don’t have enough change.”

It wasn’t a large amount he was off by, only a couple of bucks. He said he had a few more orders to make, and wouldn’t be able to go and get change right away. He said, if you let it go, I’ll remember you next time and take it off your order.

Yeah, right.

That was a couple of months ago. I’ve ordered from the same pizza place several times since and have yet to see the same delivery guy. He probably did that “no change” scam with all his customers, made a small fortune, and is now living the high life in some sunny resort town.

I don’t mind being burned once – now I know. From now on when I order take out, I always make sure I have exactly the amount I plan to give the delivery guy. If I don’t, I’ll use my plastic. If all else fails and someone were to try that scam on me again, I’d just take my money back and tell the guy to come back when he has change.

I’m not falling for that trick again.

And you shouldn’t either – if this has happened to you – let me know. I’m curious how common this scam really is.

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