Monday, August 13, 2007

Soaking Up Some Cancer

We’ve all heard the warnings about staying too long in the sun. Thanks to global warming, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can not only burn your skin faster than before, but they can cause legions leading to skin cancer.

With all the warnings you’d think people would cover up. Nope – it amazes me how many people I see lying at the pool, sun tanning.

That’s right – sun tanning! They aren’t covering up, they are taking it all off to capture that bronze tanned look.

Way before we knew the sun could kill, a sun tan was considered healthy. People who had bronze skin were thought of as being sexy, because they took enough care of the bodies to want to show it off – so they’d go out and get a tan to compliment their slim builds.

Back in those days, people actually were coverer themselves in Vaseline or baby oil to increase their chances of getting a dark brown tan.

These days, anyone who bathes in baby oil to get a dark brown tan is just asking for trouble. If you are using anything other than sunscreen – with at least a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 – than you might as well just go and stick your head into a hot oven.

Go ahead – jump into that oven, because if you are using anything other than a good sunscreen, you are just baking your skin.

Fair skin is back in fashion, because we know sun tans are unhealthy. But I guess there are always going to be the occasional idiots that still think the glow of the sun is safe, harmless, and good for their skin.

Well, thankfully cancer can be fatal – so hopefully these idiots will die out and not propagate in the gene pool. We already have too many nut bars in the pool – so I guess if a handful cook themselves into extinction, it’s okay after all.

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