Friday, August 17, 2007

Refreshingly Slick – But Not Slippery

My hands have been really dry recently, and I really don’t know why. Usually they aren’t dry and flakey, but for some reason, now they are.

So, I’ve done what most people do with dry hands – rub on some lotion. But the lotion I have in my bathroom I got many years ago at a Dollar Store, and it is extremely greasy.

I put it on, and literally for half an hour or more, I was still holding onto things with paper napkins, because my hands were still slippery from the lotion.

I used to think it was normal to sit around for hours, waiting until the lotion absorbs into your skin and the greasy goo went away.

But then I started to think – hey! Do people really sit around as if they have nothing better to do and wait hours for their lotion to dry?

I see women at the office rub in hand lotion all the time, and within minutes they are back to typing away on their keyboards. Their keyboards don’t appear to be slippery – so what gives.

The answer is simple – you get what you pay for.

Cheap Dollar Store skin cream is just that – cheap. It may be greasy, but it works – so long as you don’t mind waiting around for a few hours.

There are better lotions out there, they just cost more. But again – you get what you pay for.

I haven’t got around to buying new lotion, but after my workout today I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I rubbed lotion on my body after showering. The lotion at the gym was not greasy, and didn’t have that strong a scent.

And the best part of all, it felt really, really, REALLY good. I felt refreshed, and smooth, and extra clean – if that’s at all possible.

I’m going to buy me some high end moisturizing skin cream, and apply it after every shower. Who needs a spa, when you can do it at home?


I’m moisturizing!

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