Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Power of Guilt

Monday’s are the busiest day at the gym. The next busiest day is Thursday.


One word.


People feel guilty about gorging themselves silly over the weekend, so they go to the gym to work off those extra beers on Mondays.

Thursday’s people feel guilty about their over indulging plans to come on the weekend, so again, they go to the gym.

Funny, the least busy days are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Guess those days are for something, any something, other than working out.

I don’t need guilt to enjoy the benefits of working out. I love the adrenalin rush so much so, I’ll go whenever I have free time. Hell, I’d actually live at the gym if possible!

But for most, the gym is a chore, a schlep, something which requires more effort than they can muster unless they feel guilty about something.

Maybe they ate too much, drank too much or plain ol’ did absolutely nothing worthy of physical activity for so long, they feel guilty about even paying for a gym membership.

I get my money’s worth – and more at the gym. I workout because I want to, because I enjoy it and because it keeps me active, healthy and eager to come again.

Then there are others who come to the gym just looking for a potential bed buddy. I see the men and women scouting around, with their eyes darting from here to there. They never seem to work up a sweat, but they sure do move around the gym a lot. And they always have the latest in workout fashions.

I don’t care what I look like at the gym. I don’t go to pick anyone up. I go to workout. I usually just wear a t-shirt, shorts, and running shoes and socks. I have my trusty water bottle to keep hydrated, and a workout towel to wipe away the sweat. That’s all I need.

I don’t know about those that have to be guilted into working out. Kind of defeats the purpose of being a member of a gym. I’d rather be interested, eager, and happy to be someplace, than forced into it by way of guilt.

But to each their own.

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