Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shopping Isn't Just for Girls

Our society’s double standard says shopping is a “girl” thing. Women go shopping – so the double standard says – to relieve stress, to make themselves feel good, or just for something to do.

Guess I have a female side, because I like to shop too.

Though the double standard probably doesn’t take into account the different types of things men and women like to shop for.

I just came back from Wal-Mart and I bought a whole slew of electronics gadgets and a few things for my home. I got a spanky new wireless headset for my cordless phones – so that I can yack for hours on end without getting a stiff neck. I also bought the latest version of Microsoft’s wireless mouse, with High Definition laser accuracy. I got a Black and Decker multi-purpose Panini Maker/Waffle Maker/Grill for my mom – her birthday is today (happy birthday Mom!)

And I got a new three-bin laundry hamper which actually is way cooler than some of the other things I bought. My old laundry hamper was worn out and over flowing to the point where clothes were ending up on the floor. This new laundry hamper has three different bins to sort clothes – one for lights, one for darks and one for everything else (I’m using it for towels).

I dropped a load of coin today, but it felt good. Though according to the double standard, I should be stressed out over the whole experience, instead of relaxed and feeling good about myself and my purchases.

Why is that?

We men need stuff too. We need clothes to cover up those naughty bits, tools to put things together, even personal grooming types of things (like shaving crème, shampoo, body wash, and cologne).

Though a lot of the things I buy I don’t have to have. But it gives me pleasure using them, and I feel good while shopping looking for things which I might enjoy using.

I am not suddenly attracted to other men, and I don’t think I’ll be jumping into a leather thong and branching around in the gay pride parade. I’m as manly as they come – I love a good steak, a cold beer, and hard core girl on girl porn.

But if you follow the standards set by our narrow-vision society, you’d think I’d be a woman or gay.

Shopping for me is fun – so long as I’m shopping for the things I like. I think that goes for most people – men and women.
Anytime we spend money on ourselves, we feel better about ourselves, because we feel looked after and self-sufficient all in one go. We feel better knowing we can fend for ourselves, afford to go out and splurge occasionally on ourselves, and we enjoy the products and services we paid for with our own hard earned cash.

That’s just the way it is – for men and for women.

Now excuse me while I go use some of the cool stuff I bought today.

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