Monday, May 07, 2007

Loose Lenses

Anyone who wears eye glasses knows, with time the screws holding the things together come loose. If you don’t tighten them up, eventually the lenses will pop right out and blunk onto your desk – or worse, on the floor.

Usually I take my glasses to any eye glass store and they will tighten them up free of charge. They do this because they too know that eventually the screws come loose and if they didn’t tighten them the lenses would blunk onto something or other. It also makes good business sense for them, because if they treat you right, next time you need new glasses you may just remember them.

I don’t mind going into the eye glass store to get my glasses tightened every so often. Today when I went, I also bought some lens cleaning solution, to keep them spotless.

But I figured, wouldn’t it be nice if I could tighten them up myself. Now, anyone who’s read this blog knows I’m none-to-handy. It took me ages and ages to get my new curtains up.

But tightening up some glasses is really simple – it is just a matter of tightening up some screws. There aren’t any holes to drill, no plastic bits to stick in, no measuring, none of that hard stuff. Just screw it back in place and your done.

So I asked at the eye glass store where I got my glasses tightened if they have one of those eye glass repair kits. I’ve seen them before, they have a multitude of small screw drivers to fit a wide assortment of eye glasses.

The lady at the eye glass store showed me a key chain that had one screw bit on it. The bit didn’t look like it fit my glasses, and it didn’t have other bits for my other glasses. So, I asked her if they had any other such eye glass repair kits.

She didn’t have any others, so I got my cleaning solution, and my nicely re-tightened glasses, thanked her and went on my way.

But I wish they did have that handy kit. I had one before, I think I bought it at some grocery store downtown of all places. Since then, I have long since misplaced this kit and I haven’t seen any other kit anywhere else.

And at the hardware store, where they have a screw driver for just about every screw head imaginable, they don’t have ones small enough for eye glasses.

Eye glasses are very common these days. Most people I know have a pair some don’t even need glasses, they just wear fancy designer frames for fashion.

So why is it so hard to keep your own glasses in top shape? Why can’t the manufacturers use common enough screw sizes to make it easy to get a screw driver to fit them?
Maybe they are hoping us naïve consumers will simply go out and buy a new pair when the screws come undone and the lens blunks down in front of us?

At hundreds of dollars a pop – FAT CHANCE!

Maybe they are trying to get us all to wear contact lenses?

I wore contacts for a few years while in high school. Back then, I guess I was vane enough to worry about such things. But all the solutions, the constant cleaning and the occasional times when you actually lose a contact lens all add up to making glasses the better choice.

So, we come back to the initial problem – where to find an eye glass repair kit?

Maybe I should some how build my own eye glass repair kit? I bet if I did, I could sell it and make a mini fortune.

Okay, so anyone know how to make a screw driver?

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  1. hahaha...hey, I really like how you write. I take my glasses to a shop too and they do it for free. I bought one of those screw driver things at the sunglasses hut when I visited the US which comes in handy for my old bulky glasses. I think you would make a fortune if you made a tiny screwdriver. oh and while you're at it, you should figure out a way to clean the gap between the frame and the lens! ;)