Monday, July 30, 2007

What? You Think THIS is YOUR Home?

Sunday was laundry day for me. I did a lot of chores on Sunday and it felt good. There is something very satisfying about a job well done. And it is nice to not have to think – just to do something which let’s my brain have some down time.

But when I got to the laundry room – what a freakin’ mess!

There were stuffed animals lining the floor, toys, used magazines, and lots of other junk lying about.

People who move out often place things they don’t want to take with them in the laundry room. I suppose they figure maybe someone else will want it, so I’ll just leave it here.

Personally, I wouldn’t want someone else’s junk. Most of the stuff left behind is junk – torn, ripped, pretty used looking.

Usually people only leave behind a few things. But on Sunday it was as if I had walked into a giant junk yard.

I can understand leaving behind a few things. But a whole life’s worth of junk is unacceptable.

If I saw the person leaving all that stuff there, I’d ask them – do you think THIS is your HOME? Do you really think anyone wants your crap?

It really makes me mad when people who are leaving this place leave it in a worse state than when they first arrived. I talk to the building supers all the time, and they tell me horror stories.

People put their fists through walls, they don’t clean their stove – ever. They write on the walls, take all the light bulbs and do other horrible things – like leaving all their junk in the laundry room.

The supers have to clean up other people’s messes all the time. I really feel sorry for them, and angry at those who made the mess in the first place.

I know these people may never come back here. And they may have had their issues with the building management. But the building management tries their best to accommodate everyone, and they do an incredible job keeping this place clean, safe and secure.

This is one of the best managed buildings I have been in and I’ve been in a few places over the years. They always keep it in top shape, and they fix things almost right away when they break.

Most other places, it can take weeks for them to even consider fixing something, and they rarely, if ever, clean.

So, out of respect for those that do an amazing job at maintaining this place, it really pisses me off when I see others take advantage of it.

I think they should install security cameras in the laundry room to catch those idiots that drop off their used crap – and then send those people a bill for the clean up.

That’s what I’ll suggest to the building management. Maybe it’ll save them some work, and make them some money too

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