Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Marketing Follies

Those bozos in marketing have done it again. The marketing management team – I just look away, shake my head and wonder in bewildered awe how they got to where they are today.

It can’t be looks, they aren’t sex vixens. It sure as hell isn’t brains – they aren’t that bright. And talent – takes someone with the gift to recognize it in others.

That might be the problem – maybe those in the hiring side of marketing just don’t have that special gift to know what real talent is in the marketing field. Though you don’t have to be in marketing to figure it out – we’re bombarded with ads, posters, slogans, jingles and other forms of marketing constantly.

So, what have the marketing management tag team done now?

Not really all that much – other than convey an opinion which I found entertaining coming from them.

The other day, a few of the managers left around 4:30pm – instead of after 5pm like they usually do. As they passed by the marketing director’s office, she said “leaving so soon?”

She said it rather ironically, in a matter-of-fact tone. It was probably meant as a put down – no wait – it came from marketing management so it was definitely a put down.

The managers just said yes, and continued on their way.

This offended me – for one thing the managers don’t report to the marketing management. And the other big thing – the marketing management team is notorious for coming in late and leaving early.

You’d be lucky to find a marketing management person in the office well before noon. Yet everyone else seems to make it in well before 9:30am. And often the marketing management team is gone before 3pm, sometimes even before 2pm.

I suck at math, but even I can figure out who isn’t doing their fair share of hours in the office. So when a marketing management member questions someone else about their office hours, I get really peeved.

Actually, what really bugs me about the marketing management team is the lack of responsibility the executive team has in doing something to “correct” the problems stemming from these bozos.

The very same bozos that blew their entire budget last year before the first quarter did the exact same thing this year. If history has a way of repeating itself – and we all know that it does – the bozos are STILL in the exact same position to blow their budget next year too.

Money might not grow on trees, but if you’re a marketing manager looking to spend recklessly and without consequence, come work where I am. You’ll not only be able to blow your budget, you won’t lose your job, and you won’t even take any heat from your gaffe. Nope – you can do whatever you want and everyone turns a blind eye.

Well, almost everyone. Most people that care about their work can’t stand the bozos running the marketing team. Even some people on the marketing team can’t stand those bozos running their own show – which is even worse than just others outside of the team.

When you don’t like another team’s management style, you work around it as best as you can. But when it is your own team’s management which bugs you, you can’t work around it, you have to work within it.

How anyone can work with the bozos in the marketing management offices I haven’t a clue. But I’m glad it isn’t me.

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