Saturday, July 28, 2007

D’oh – Widescreen Version

Beer – the cause and solution to many of life’s problems – so says Homer Simpson.

The Simpson’s Movie opened July 27 – and I saw it opening day!


It’s a great movie, based on the risqué cartoon television sit-com which has been airing on FOX for 18-years.

There’s the usual cast of characters – and a few new ones too – all up to their armpits in pink donuts, Duff beer, and Krusty Burgers.

Without spoiling the plot for those who haven’t seen it – the movie involves a typical mess caused by Homer, which forces him to re-evaluate his life, to save his family and hometown – and no, he doesn’t cause a nuclear meltdown at the power plant.

There are some very funny bits, and there are some very sad bits too. I almost cried during one scene – not bad seeing as it is only a cartoon.

And, because this is a movie, not for television, there is actually some nudity too – probably the first time we’ve seen this level of nudity in the 18-years that the show has been on the air.

The movie has familiar themes from the television show – family values which aren’t very common, there is even a side love story with romance, and a rather large environmental theme throughout – all of which are filled with falling off the chair humor.

The animation and sound effects are probably better than on television. Big screen, big sound all that sort of stuff.

I really enjoyed the movie and look forward to seeing it out on DVD when it comes out later in the year.

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