Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fresh Raw Meat

I’ve always loved to cook. I find it somewhat therapeutic chopping up the bits and pieces, playing with spices, and having an amazingly tasty finished product which I can enjoy.

Now that I have my own snazzy BBQ, I’m starting to experiment in ways I never have before. Last time, I made my own garlic bread on the BBQ – it was awesome!

Today, I bought some ground beef and ground turkey and I made my own beef burgers and my own turkey burgers. Haven’t tried them yet, as I have the BBQ this evening for dinner, but I bet they will be a hit.

I’ve made my own burgers in the past – a distant past. When I was a kid growing up, my mom didn’t like to handle the raw meat. So, she taught my brother and I how to make our own burgers.

We’d go out with my dad to the butcher and get our meat. Then we’d come home and make beef patties.

Back in those days, we baked most of our burgers in the oven. I still bake them in the oven – it tastes great but takes about an hour.

I’m really lovin’ this BBQ – it allows me the freedom to try new recipes, and to enjoy the results quickly.

BBQing is a lot messier than cooking in the oven. Cleaning the grill and the grit that builds up within the BBQ takes a lot of time and energy. Most people only clean their grills every BBQ, and their actual BBQs every couple of months.

I clean my whole BBQ after every second use – though I also clean the grill after every use so it is ready for the next time I get grillin’.

I find, if you really take care of your things, they last a whole lot longer. And, I’ve seen how much grit builds up after just a couple of BBQs – I can’t imagine cleaning out a whole season’s worth of grit. That would be quite the mess. Quite a huge mess judging by the amount of stuff I have to scrape out of my BBQ after just two uses.

But I suppose I’m so in love with BBQing, that I may do it more than most. Even though I’m single, I’ll still BBQ even if it is just for me. Seems like a lot of work for one person’s meal – especially as we live in the era of microwavable TV dinners and instant meals, just add water.

But I really do love to cook. Even if it means taking out the BBQ for just little ‘ol me.

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