Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Read Your Lips

Today I was sitting in a meeting with the number crunchers, and I noticed they all had very thin lips.

Odd thing to notice, but hey – they are accountants, bookkeepers and other math-types. I’m an ideas guy, so when bogged down in numbers, I tend to get distracted.

Still, they all – ALL – had very thin lips.

So, the rest of the day, whenever I passed by someone, I checked out their lips.

Those in the marketing and sales side had more full lips, while those in customer service often had broad wide lips.

I’m starting to develop a theory – our lips reflect our personalities.

Numbers-types are very logical, very dry and often very analytical. Those in marketing and sales are more creative and abstract, while those in customer service tend to be very open, and good with people.

Maybe these attributes come across in our lips?

Maybe the thin lips of the number crunchers indicate their logical, dry and analytical mindset. The full lips of those in marketing and sales shows off their creative side, while the broad lips on those in customer service are because they tend to talk a lot.

Hmmm. . . .

Lips are funny things. They aren’t sexual, but can be made to look sexual in commercials. They aren’t useful, other than for kissing, and they don’t really have any meaning in communications. You are more likely to accidentally bite your lip, than to actually use them constructively to swallow food, say a sentence, or even to flash a smile.

Still, lips seem to say something about us, even when we aren’t saying much of anything.

Next time you’re out, read your lips.

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