Saturday, March 24, 2007

Forgetful Moi

Last time I went to the gym, I forgot to bring towels.

I didn’t have my usual hand cloth I take to wipe away sweat as I workout, and I didn’t have my big bath towel to dry off after the shower.

So, I had to come home right after working out – no shower, sauna or hot tub for me. Though I did shower when I came home.

I think I’m getting forgetful in my older age.

I tend to forget things more now than in the past. Not really important things – just little things. I still remember birthdays and important things – like keys.

But I do seem to be slightly more forgetful about – uh – I forget!

They say reading and doing crosswords, jumbles and other puzzles keeps the mind active and helps prevent forgetfulness due to aging.

I don’t read much anymore – when you’re in a writing-intense field as I am, you tend to consider reading and writing work – so you don’t do it to relax. I never was a big fan of crossword puzzles – I never could get those shapes to fit! And jumbles, bumbles and all those other word play games – never got into them either.

So what else can I do to keep my mind active – to essentially workout my neurons?

Television is known as the mindless medium. You just sit there and watch it. And most of what’s on television – despite my 500-channel line-up – isn’t all that well thought out.

Who the hell thought of giving Kelly Osborn her own show anyways?!?!? She’s not attractive, has no talent, and isn’t interesting to watch.

I love writing blogs – maybe this blog is more than a form of release of thought, but also a way to exercise my mind.

Feel the burn!

Even when you do “exercise” your mind, how do you know you aren’t overdoing it, not doing it enough, or even if it is working?

Maybe I won’t forget things so much, maybe I will.

I forget.

But how do you know if your mind is really getting the workout it needs?

Am I supposed to get a headache or see a bulge somewhere on my head? Does my head increase in diameter?

Scientists know so very little about how the brain actually works, the mind is one of those things we may never really understand.

There is that old separation – mind over matter. There’s the physical brain, the wetworks which actually do all the computing of our lives, and then there is the mental stuff of the mind – our souls.

The brain is the physical lump that does all the work, while the mind is the mystical magical thing that actually makes you who you are.

How can you exercise a body part you can’t see or touch?

I can lift weights to exercise my muscles, run to exercise my heart, even chewing gum can exercise your mouth. But how do I exercise my soul?

Now there’s a question – maybe even THE question.

How do you exercise your soul?

By being a good person, and always trying to be good? Or maybe we have it all wrong, and the evil ones are really in the best soul-shape of all?

Guess that is what they call “soul food.”

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