Monday, March 05, 2007

Hey, It’s Winter In Canada, What Do You Expect?

We Canadians are a finicky lot. We complain in the summer when the weather is too hot. We gripe about it being too cold in the winter and even in spring and fall we moan about all the rain.

Everywhere else around the globe, they expect Canada to be covered in ice and snow pretty much year-round. Mostly those under educated Americans.

“Oh, you’re from Canada?” one asks. “Do you know John?”

Yeah, his igloo is right next to Tim Horton’s place up the road. We go there for coffee and donuts all the time.

Tim’s a great guy – you should get to know him.

Seriously, we Canadians never seem to be happy about the weather.

It’s too cold, it’s too hot, wa wa wa cry me a freakin river.

This is Canada, eh?

What did ya expect?

We do have lots of benefits to living in the greatest country on the planet – though our weather isn’t one of them.

We have among the best health care systems in the world. If you have a pulse, you pretty much are guaranteed medical coverage here. We have the cleanest, and most friendly cities on Earth – even if they sometimes seem cramped and slummy sometimes. Trust me, compared to most other places, we have it good.

We are liked internationally wherever we go – can’t say that about many other citizens from around the globe. In fact, it is pretty common knowledge that some non-Canucks will sew Canadian flags on their backpacks while traveling abroad, so that they get the warm smiles we Canadians are known to cause.

So what if it is -21C with a wind-chill making it feel more like -35C?!?!?

We Canadians have something that even the coldest winters can’t chill – respect, freedom and peace of mind.

When I wake up in the morning, I’m not worried about getting mugged, raped or killed. I’m not worried about being hung in a public stadium because I expressed my opinions. And when I get sick, I know I can go and get medicine to make me well, usually at no cost to me.
Winter may be cold – right now there is a wind-chill of -35C and it is blowing snow. But you know what, come summer-time when it is 35C we’ll be bitching about it being too hot.

Give up complaining about the weather – we Canadian’s have it pretty good.

Pass me my toque.

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