Thursday, March 22, 2007

Eat Now Taste Later

Sometimes there just aren’t enough minutes in the day. Minutes? Isn’t it hours?

Welcome to my world muhahahahaha.


The usual bunch at I have lunch with go for lunch around 2:30pm. Unfortunately, I have had some 1pm meetings. No problem you figure – that’s at least half-an-hour to munch down some chow.


There’s always a line for the microwave, and then there’s always talk too – small talk with colleagues who want to know how things are going.

I like small talk, and I enjoy having lunch with my coworkers – it makes the day go by better as it isn’t all work and no play.

But I also like to taste my food and not have to wolf it down.

I had to wolf down my food again today – I had to last week too at one point, because I had a meeting at 1pm.

Funny thing, even though I tell people I have to hustle for lunch, they still take their time and want to banter with some of that small talk.

So, I’m changing my lunch hour. No more thirty-second meals which I eat now and taste later. Nadda. Nope. No way!

From now on I’m going to be eating at lunch at noon. This way, doesn’t matter if I get called into a 1pm meeting, I’ve already eaten.

I’ll miss some of the talk and banter but those are the breaks.

My digestive system will thank me later >BURP<

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