Friday, March 30, 2007

Out to Lunch

I did something I haven’t done in quite a while – I went out for lunch.

As bizarre as it sounds, most people at the office where I’m working at don’t go out for lunch. Instead, they all cram into a very busy lunch room, waiting for great periods of time to use one of the two microwaves.

But it is more than just avoiding the microwave line up – going out gets you out of the office environment, away from the emails, voice-mails, phone calls, away from others talking about work.

Going out for lunch provides a much needed – and well deserved – break in the middle of the day.

There aren’t any real restaurants near the office. There is a really awful mom and pop shop in the basement. I’m sure the guy running the restaurant in the basement means well, but his place probably wouldn’t pass even the simplest of health inspections.

There is dust on the counters, foods are sitting out under heat lamps which don’t work, and the most disgusting thing of all – the staff use their bare hands to serve you your food.

I had a sandwich there once, they didn’t put on any of those rubber surgical gloves or even bother to wash their hands. The same guy collecting the money at the cash register went over, cut my bagel in half, and proceeded to butter it – even though he had just been working the cash.

I had a meatloaf over there too – it was under heat lamps. But it wasn’t hot, it wasn’t even cold and it wasn’t very good.

SO, I’ll never eat down in the dungeon – I don’t want to become their latest food poisoning victim.

Maybe that’s why no one seems to go out for lunch – the only place to go to within walking distance is a dive?

Still, it didn’t take me that much effort to put on my coat, and go 15-minutes away to where all the restaurants are.

I had a smorgasbord of selection.

There are a couple of bar/restaurants, some burger joints, pizza places, a Greek restaurant, even one serving up Philipeano foods.

I went to one of the burger joints – Lick’s. I had a great big burger, piled high with onions, pickles, back bacon, BBQ sauce and some of their home made Guck sauce (like mayonnaise) YUMMY!

I took my time and enjoyed my lunch. Usually, when I eat at the office, I feel like I’m inhaling my food, as it is always a rush. But not today – eating out is better for you, even if you eat fast food.

There were no phone calls, emails, no one came in asking me about some project or other. It was paradise.

I think I’ll make a regular habit of going out for lunch.

And I’m not going to share my whereabouts with others in the office. This is my hideout – find your own!

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