Saturday, November 03, 2007

Break Not For Me

Often I’m too busy to make my own lunch for work – or too burnt out. So, I rely on the fast food in the area.

Problem is, where the office is there isn’t really anything close by. So I often am forced to decide between two mom and pop shops – the cafeteria in the basement, or the cafeteria in the building across the street.

The cafeteria in the basement is closer, and it has a big screen TV. But it is also much dirtier and the food is very bland.

I had to eat there twice in the past week and it neither times was it enjoyable. In both instances the food was so bland, hospital food would have packed more flavour. They are very friendly down there, and they recently got a new menu addition – gourmet pastries from some high-class vendor. Nice muffins.

I also ate once this week at the cafeteria across the street. It is cleaner, and the food has more zing, but it still doesn’t compare to the big fast food shops.

Not that eating at fast food places is a healthy alternative, but when you’re faced with two poor choices, even McD’s would be nice.

If any of the fast food places is reading this – move into the area! You’d make a killing – there are nothing but office buildings in the area and there aren’t any satisfactory places to eat.

I prefer working downtown – lots more places to eat and there are even places to go with your home-packed lunch, so at least you can get out of the office.

The office I’m at now has a very small lunch room – so small it is often very crowded and very noisy. It’s also not the most comfortable of places to be.

I’ve been at companies that really have incredible lunch rooms. One place had a couple televisions, big cushioned chairs, funky wild color schemes, several microwaves, fridges, and lots of space for everyone.

Some even have game rooms – been to a few companies which have pool tables, fooze ball tables, arcade games, or even just quiet magazine racks full of things to read while taking a break from work.

I think that’s the big problem where I work – breaks. There is far too much work and not enough competent people to do the work. There are lots of people, but some are other job interview’s rejects. They are incredibly lazy, and lack any real motivation for their careers or their projects. Some have been administrative assistants for over 20-years – can you imagine being a secretary for the same company for that long?!?!? Never moving up on the corporate ladder, never taking any initiative or being given the opportunity to take a lead role. Speak of a professional photocopier.

Because of the office climate I’m in, often I don’t get to take a lunch or other breaks during the day. I’m constantly swamped with oodles of work.

I love what I do, but even I need a break occasionally.

Because I’m so busy – as are just a handful of others that actually have motivation and do the bulk of the work, when we do have a moment to take lunch, we’re disgusted to find the lunch room crowded with the lazy ass-wipes that never leave.

They are constantly taking breaks and extended lunches, to avoid work wherever possible. I guess their theory is if they aren’t at their desk, they can’t be tasked to do something. It must work, because they aren’t at their desks too often.

Maybe my next gig will have a more balanced work-life balance mode of operations – I’ve always wanted an office with a hot tub. . . or maybe my own kitchen in my office. I bar fridge, a microwave and a sink would be nice .

Then although I still might not have time to take a break, at least I won’t be stuck in the same room with the demotivating lazy-asses that have been in the same role for ever.

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