Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pimps, Hookers, Man-Whores, and the Sluts Who Want ‘Em

I hit the gym today to do my usual iron-pumping workout. Today being Halloween, they had some semi-nutritious treats (shakes), a live Disc Jockey, and people in costumes.

I was thinking about this prior to going in – how do you dress up safely and workout? Halloween costumes aren’t usually fit for the bench press – they can be lose and get caught in or on the equipment.

I found out less is more at the gym.

There weren’t many people in garb, but those that were in some sort of costume weren’t wearing much of anything at all.

In fact, some were wearing so little, that I felt embarrassed for them.

There were the three receptionists – all really young kids, probably in their early twenties. One was wearing a very sexy – or slutty depending on your point of view – French maid outfit, with very short and tight skirt. Another one was wearing another short and tight outfit, she said was Goldilocks from the fable Goldilocks and the Three Bears. And the third receptionist was wearing some sort of tight white thing, I haven’t a clue what it was.

They were wandering around the gym every so often, handing out free health shakes samples. They are great eye candy, unless you drop a very heavy weight on your foot . . .

Some of the other staff were in rather slutty outfits too. One guy was dressed up like a pimp – and I thought that was fitting as there were some girls that looked like whores. I bet their moms are proud. There was another guy dress up like a Chip N Dales dancer, no shirt, but he had a tie and tight pants.

A couple of the personal trainers dressed up too – one outfit was clever – it was what a trainer would have worn in the 80’s. Made me feel old – but it was clever and not too slutty.

Another trainer was all in black – no idea what she was, but hey, to each their own.

Some guy had put a big box around him, and a sign on it that said “God’s Gift to Women.”

Now I know I go to the right gym.

All I wanted to do was workout – and I did. Though I found it hard to concentrate with all the oddballs. I’m just glad that no one went naked – that would have been awkward. But I bet the guy dressed as the pimp would have hired her on the spot.

How much for the girl?

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