Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why Home Made Burgers Rock

I love to cook – it’s a great stress reliever and is healthier than buying crap made in China. Actually, doing it yourself is a lot better than anything made in China these days.

I made some of my world famous home made burgers today.

The secret to a good burger is the stuff you mix with the meat.

First, nothing forms the basis for my home made burgers other than pure, extra lean Grade AAA beef.

I occasionally make chicken burgers, beef and veal burgers (yum!) but those are special. When I’m making traditional hamburger patties, nothing but pure beef. No fillers here.

Some people swear by bread crumbs. Filler – if I wanted bread in my burger, I wouldn’t need a bun!

Once I get all the beef in one bowl, I then add all the dry ingredients. Salt, pepper, and other spices.

I shred – shred, NOT chop – shred a sweet onion and toss it in. By shredding it you get a finer consistency and you also get more onion juice – which mixes better than if you chopped, diced or just sliced up an onion.

I love bad breath – I chop up a handful of green onions too. Can’t have too much onion!

Garlic rounds out the dry ingredients, then I go for the wet.

Some liquid eggs go in (to keep the meat solid on the grill), some teriyaki sauce for flavour, and then some olive oil.

Olive oil? In burgers?

Yeppers – the olive oil does a few things. Here’s cooking science 101 . . .

Olive oil has a lower flash point than many other oils. That means it heats up faster than other oils. It can burn faster too, but inside a burger, we’re going for the heat. So the olive oil will actually help the burgers cook faster, because they get hotter inside and out quicker.

Olive oil is also a great lubricant. It keeps the burgers from sticking to the grill – which is important as we want to eventually get them off the grill to consume.

And, Olive oil helps lower cholesterol, so it is actually good for you. That and it adds some flavour too.

Olive oil is a great thing to add to burgers.

Now comes the fun part – getting dirty. Roll up your sleeves and dig in – it is time to mix all this stuff together, by hand! No mix-masters or other kitchen gadgets here – just my two hands.

The feeling of the ingredients at first is somewhat slimy, but after getting used to it, you actually start to get into it. And that leads to the best part of all. . .(other than actually eating the burgers) . . .


Nothing gets out my frustrations from work more, than moulding, shaping and pounding out round beef patties. It’s a great way to beat out the anger built up over years of pain, anger and . . .


You’re not my therapist!

Bashing burgers creates a uniform – or somewhat uniform – shape, while releasing tensions from life.

Then it’s off to the grill, for some fire. Fire makes everything better – just ask any arsonist.

Okay, maybe not – but unless you like your burgers raw, I’d suggest a good BBQ. You can bake burgers, or pan fry them – but nothing tastes better than a home made burger freshly BBQed off a hot grill.

Mmmmmmmm burgers!

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