Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Bleed No More

I bought a new razor on the weekend – electric.

I used to always use electric razors, the Phillashave ones with the rotary heads. Then I switched to manual razors.

Manual razors give a nice close shave, but there is so much involved. You have to use cream or gel and you have to be alert – otherwise you can lose some skin too.

I’ve lost lots of skin over the past few years. When I wake up, I’m often still groggy, so giving me a sharp object isn’t exactly the best of ideas. Also, you have to keep buying replacement blades, which is a hastle.

So on the weekend I decided I had enough of the spurting blood, the constantly buying of shaving creams, the mess of cream and hair in the sink – I went back to electric.

I was looking at all the razors – there are so many to chose from. There are rotary ones, microscreen ones, ones which have beard trimmers, ones in funky colors, there are even ones which dispense aftershave or lotion to moisturize and refresh the skin after a shave.

I bought a really snazzy razor too – a Remington Titanium Microscreen. It is a rechargeable razor with a six-hour running time (that’s 20 days worth of shaving according to the box!) And it is washable – I can rinse it under the tap. The things they have these days!

When I was younger, we were always taught never take anything electrical and get it wet – but these new razors are washable! How cool is that?

It is sleek and has a great contour for holding and a three-position trimmer, for those nasty nose hairs.

I was so eager to try it out, I wanted to right out of the box. But alas, it says it needs a 24-hour charge when you first bring it home. After that it will only take 16-hours to charge.

They had quick charge razors too, but I figured who needed that? How often does one really shave anyway?

So, as I sit here typing this, it is charging away. But hey, I get to read up on the 30-day money back guarantee!

Yeppers, it says on the box “try it risk free for 30 days.” I like this 30 day trial period because razors are one of those things which may or may not be just the right one. Most stores won’t take back a razor once used – they can’t sell it again – but it is one of those things which is nice to try before you buy. I’m glad Remington razors come with this selling feature.

But until the thing is fully charged, I may still bleed – damn manual razors.

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