Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Party Planning Joys and Sorrows

This is the time of year where friends and families get together to celebrate the holidays. Christmas, New Year’s, even Boxing Day for us Canadians is a celebration of sorts.

But it is also a trying time, for those that have to plan and orchestrate these parties.

Who do you invite? Where do you go? How long in advance to you make reservations? What about those that you invite that never show up?

Planning a party can be fun, but I’ve done it in the past couple years and I’ve grown tired of it.

What really annoys me, is when you invite a bunch of people, and the same people you invite every year bail out on you and your party at the last minute.

That’s not only rude, but disrespectful.

So this year, I think I’ll leave the planning to someone else. Or at the very least, who says you can’t enjoy the holidays alone, with a good bottle of wine, and unlimited choices of movies on the movie networks?

I love a good party as much as anyone else. But I hate having to organize the food, the drink, the list of attendees. Especially when many of those attendees decide at the last minute to do something else.

SO – this year will be different.

Where’s my wine?

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