Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rude and Ruthless – The New Canadian Way

People are so rude these days – when I’m walking from point A to B, if someone is in front of me, I don’t push them out of the way to get past.

Yet that happens all to often these days when I’m walking down the street, entering or leaving a building or any of a zillion other things I do daily.

People used to say “excuse me” or even “sorry” when they stepped on your feet. These days, they look at you like it is your fault for being in the wrong place at the wrong time – even though you may have just been standing still.

We’ve all heard about road rage, where people lose control and get into fist fights because someone cut them off on the highway.

Now we have sidewalk rage, where people get into fist fights for stepping on someone else’s toes.

Our society isn’t what it used to be – and it is very sad to have lost the innocence of being Canadian. Canadian’s used to be known as the world’s ambassadors, the most polite people anywhere.

Thanks to over-immigration from countries with far lesser values, our society has changed for the worse. Instead of saying “excuse me” or “sorry” people swear, threaten violence, or even just take matters into their own hands and punch, kick and even bite.

What kind of country have we become, when we allow biters in to our mists?

In order to fit into our narrowing and less welcoming society, good ‘ol Canadians who used to be polite, now have to be just as verbally abusive and violent as those we let into our once happy land.

If you’re not strong enough to be aggressive, you’ll be eaten alive – thanks to our changing society and its twisted values.

It would be nice to be able to go back to a more peaceful time, one where people held the door for you, instead of letting it slam behind them. A time where people were nice to each other, instead of mean, rotten to the core and potentially dangerous to one’s being.

But we’ll never be able to go back, so long as we continue to let the world’s rejects come and call our once peace-loving land home.

Immigration is good in controlled numbers, from selected sources. But when we let drug dealers, terrorists, and other rift-raft into this country as we have been, we lose our way and become no better than the rift-raft.

I remember a time not that long ago when it was very safe to go for a walk after dark in the city. These days, if you do that, you stand a very good chance of not returning home in one piece – if at all.

We never had sporadic gang shootings in the streets, guns in schools, drug loads buying up luxurious houses in well-to-do areas to grow their crap, and terrorists plotting their next strike, from the house next door.

Nope – those are all new “benefits” of our new society, where if you have a pulse, you’re welcome here.

Maybe we need to re-think that policy.

Funny, people come here from other countries to live in a better, safer, cleaner and more profitable place where they can actually have lives. But these very same people give a big F U to our Canadian values system, and continue to live their lives just as they did back home. This tarnishes our Canadian values, and makes the whole reason of their being here pointless – why live in another country, if you’re just going to do exactly what you did in your native land?

That’s why we see more guns – some countries, even kids as young as 10 carry concealed fire arms. That’s why we see more drugs – some countries, drugs are the easiest and quickest way for the poor and starving to make enough for basic food and shelter. That’s why we see more crime – in many of the poorer countries of the world, people are so desperate they will do anything to survive.

Because we let in anyone these days, they do whatever they want – and make it hard for good, honest, hard working Canadians to survive.

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