Monday, December 01, 2008

Where’s Ms. Manners When You Need Her?

Some people just don’t have any manners – none whatsoever. Maybe their mothers were wild boars, or some other barnyard animal, because they certainly act like wildlife.

I was in a food court the other day, and although there was a line, people were ignoring it. When it was my turn at the cashier, the person behind me simply handed the cashier his receipt, and paid for his meal. I was shocked.

Then some woman practically pushes me out of the way, while I was paying for my food, as she reached across in front of me to grab some paper napkins.

I’m not Mrs. Manners, but even I know that behaviour is rude. Not too mention awkward and uncomfortable, because in both situations, I was in the middle of complete strangers.

Good manners can go a long way. If the woman simply said excuse me, and asked if she could grab some napkins, I’d be more than happy to move aside. I may even reach over and get them for her myself.

But instead, people these days just do whatever they feel, without thinking about those around them.

We live in a society of “I’s” instead of one of “us.”

Is it any wonder why road rage is on the rise, or that it even exists. When I was a kid, road rage didn’t exist. There always was some bone head who would cut people off, tailgate, or do some other dangerous and downright mean driving manoeuvre. But you never heard about anyone actually getting out of their car and pounding the crap out of someone. Never heard of someone trying to drive someone off the road, or shoot at them, or any of the many things that people do these days.

If people simply remembered that there are others out in the world, besides them, then maybe we’d all be able to get along all that better.

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