Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Those Big Babies Have Done It Again

Children often need to be disciplined when they act out of line. That’s how they learn to be productive members of society – by their parent’s telling them right from wrong.

How come our federal politicians don’t know how to properly behave and to be productive members of society?

Just a few months ago, our “leader” – if you can call Prime Minister Stephen Harper that – called an early election, on the basis that his government was unable to work with the other political parties. He said the house of parliament had broken down and the only way to ensure a good government for Canadians, would be to have an election.

By calling an election prior to his mandate, Prime Minister Harper claimed he’d achieve a workable government.

Nothing changed in that federal election – we got the same leader and the same leaders of the opposing parties. And now the opposing forces are joining sides, in a bid to oust the government, so they can play “leader.”

Problem is, running one of the largest nation’s on earth – or any nation for that matter – is not child’s play. It’s not like playing Lego’s and it certainly isn’t anything like street hockey.

Though the way our federal politicians are acting -- more like children that need a spanking than adults that ought to know better – it might serve them well to be placed in the penalty box.

We don’t usually get to pick and choose who we work with, and in many cases even who we work for. Often, you just have to deal with the uniqueness of each person, as best you can. By crossing your arms, and taking up the stand that you just won’t work with that person or group of people at all, is no different than a child, refusing to be nice to another kid in school.

That’s one of life’s lessons we are supposed to learn at a young age. But if appears are federally elected representatives either haven’t learned that lesson – as that is exactly what they are doing.

Prior to the election, it was our “leader,” Prime Minster Stephen Harper claiming he simply couldn’t work with the other political parties. Now, in what appears a way of those other political parties at getting back at the Prime Minister, they are claiming the exact same thing about Prime Minister Harper and his party.

They are trying to end parliament early, so they can force a no confidence vote – and presumably another federal election – in the New Year.

Just how many federal elections must we go through, before these children learn to grow up, and work together?

Federal elections are not only time consuming and cost a lot of money, they also take away the primary role of the government, which is to govern. While our federal politicians are running across the country, banging on doors and kissing babies in an attempt to win your vote, there is no business going on within government.

Although it is normal and expected that the government’s business be placed on hold during an election, what isn’t normal nor expected is to constantly have elections.

This constant disruption to governing is unacceptable – especially when the sole reason is a childish act of not willing to work with those you have to work with, to get the job done.

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