Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What? Nothing? Nobody? Nadda?

Today, I saw a kid wearing a t-shirt with “I love only Me” on it. I didn’t know how truthful some stranger’s t-shirt would be today.

I arrived at the office at my usual time, and after several hours, hadn’t seen anyone else on my team. Others were around, but none from my team. This is odd, because usually, I’ll get an email or voice mail from anyone not able to come in. But nothing was in my inbox from my absent team. I had got many other emails, so I know the thing was working.

I checked at reception, no one knew where these people were either – in fact they were going to ask me the same thing!

I checked with Human Resources, and they hadn’t heard anything either. Never know, maybe they just got up and quit.

I’ve often thought about storming into some big shot’s office, smile, and then saying: “f*ck you I quit!” and then storming out of there.

Maybe my thoughts were contagious?

Human Resources was just as mystified as I was.

I sent out some emails, and within the next hour or so, I had my answers. One person was working from home, the other, her daughter had a bad cold, so she was playing nurse-maid to her.

Thanks for keeping me informed team. I would have preferred some story about someone quitting on the spot, or even a horrific tale of some car crash – anything is better than: “whoops, sorry, forgot to mention it.”

They didn’t forget to mention it – they didn’t tell anyone. And that usually means they were just slacking off. When someone decides to work for home, they usually are in touch with the office through email and the occasional phone call – they are still “working” – in theory anyways.

I’ve always had my doubts about those who profess to the joys of working from home. Most people I’ve had the displeasure of working with who subscribe to this practice, seem to end up with more work on their desks after working from home, simply because nothing really got done while at home. It’s so easy to flick on the TV and tell yourself you’ll get started after the show. But then, before you know it, it’s already four in the afternoon, and you’re still watching Oprah.

Then there’s my other well meaning colleague, who’s daughter fell ill. Whenever I’m sick, and can’t make it in, I email the team to let everyone know where I am. I’ve been in situations where it really pains me to sit in front of the computer – the glare from the screen just adds to the pounding in my head. Yet, somehow, I manage to hammer out a quick email alerting my staff why I won’t be in.

So, if a sick person on their deathbed can type out an email, surely someone who isn’t sick, merely taking care of someone who is sick, that person should be more than capable of sending out an email message.

But when people are just avoiding work, they tend to avoid making contact. People who are hiding from the truth, seldom open up willingly.

Which is why I wish the stories I received back from my email inquiries were more horrific. At least those would be more believable, and more entertaining.

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