Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sleepy Spider or Caught in a Lie?

The federal government recently announced that many of the promises made in the just-as-recent federal election a few months ago, are not going to happen, now that we’re in an economic crisis.

The federal election was just a few weeks ago, and we were in just the very same economic mess as we are now – the only difference is – well wait a sec – there is no difference.

Even the candidates in the American election were talking about what’d they would do to fix the broken wheels of the economy, and the American election ran several more months longer – and began much earlier – than the Canadian election.

So, how come Canadian politicians didn’t “know” about the economic situation when they were making all those big spending promises?

This is just another example of why society has lost faith in politicians. Lies, deceptions, and far worse – playing dumb – are the acts by our politicos which make professional cynics of us all.

Yes, the “recession” word is just starting to be used in an official capacity, but the economy has been brutally painful for some time now. Certainly prior to the American federal election, which started prior to the Canadian one.

The economy was one of the big issues in the past federal election – and when we went to the polls, we were supposedly electing someone on their promises to make things work.

But all those promises were just words in the air, or so it appears, as the federal government is pulling out from many of those promises, claiming they just didn’t know any better.

Excuse me, Mr. Prime Minister, but you were the prime minister before the election, and you knew the economy was slumping. Unless you aren’t doing your job – then maybe we should ask for your resignation?

But you were just re-hired, in a matter of speaking via your re-election, so nothing should really change your plans. Besides, you were in power during the start of this money mess, and you got elected again during the very same money mess – so quit your belly aching and start doing what you told us you would do.

Unless you overstated your qualifications? Many people these days tell little white lies on their resumes, hoping to just coast through their jobs. Is that your official game plan? Do you plan to just ride things out by hiding under a desk somewhere, until the coast is clear?

Canada used to be one of the greatest countries on the planet – we still do have lots to boast about. Though I’m starting to wonder how much longer that will last – with inept, lying scoundrels running the ranch, we’re going to suffer just as bad a fate as our dollars and cents.

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