Thursday, November 20, 2008

Annual Event Brings Out Idiots Everywhere

Last night we had our very first real snowfall of the year. It was a great sight to see, nothing but all white falling from the sky, everything covered in a perfectly white blanket of snow.

When it snows, it actually is quieter than normal outside. This is because the snow acts like an insulator and absorbs sound waves. It also is usually warmer when it snows, than other days in the winter, as the temperature must increase slightly, to allow the snow to be released from the clouds.

With the first fall of snow – we got about five centimetres last night – certain events are bound to happen.

First, the media hypes everything up, as if this is the first time we’ve ever had a winter storm. They toss around metrological terms like Alberta Clipper, cold front, and jet stream like everyone knows what these are. On a rare day, instead of some tragic event in someone’s life, the weather leads the newscast.

The media hype is somewhat useful – we need to know how the weather will be the next day or two, so we can be prepared when we head out for our daily lives. Still, why do they babble about things no one but a real weather watcher cares about – like those jet streams, high and low pressure areas – all I want to know is what the weather will be like tomorrow. That’s it, that’s all, I don’t need anything more.

Then there are all the car crashes, road accidents and my favourite – people that hit non-moving, completely inanimate objects.

Anyone who hits something which didn’t have any way of actually getting in their way shouldn’t have a driver’s license. These are the kinds of people that are a danger to themselves and others once a windshield is placed in front of them.

Yes, snow and ice are slippery, and can make driving a bit more challenging. But seeing as this is Canada, and we get snow every year, there really is no excuse for hitting something like a tree, a rock or a house.

“The house just suddenly appeared there, there was nothing I could do!”

Yeah right – stay off the cheap drugs buddy!

Speaking of road incidents and the first annual snowfall, and going back to the initial point about the media – how come some people on the news seem to get off on all these road accidents?

Not to mention any names – Kevin Frankish at CityTV – shhh – but these voices of authority on the news seem to go completely giddy with every fender bender. The bigger the traffic pile up, the more excited they get.

Get a freakin’ life! There is so much more to the world, than watching a traffic camera and just hoping to catch someone’s car spinning out of control.

Though it is interesting to watch – I’ll admit that – it isn’t the only thing out there.

With the annual fall of snow season, comes the dreaded winter bundle-up. People packed tightly into large winter coats, toques, scarves, gloves and big winter boots.

Though I guess there were some who didn’t see the media hype on the evening news, or maybe they just are too young to care, and would rather be fashionable than warm and safe – I saw many young girls going to school in their short little skirts, some even wearing flip-flops!

I saw one of these poor young kids slip and fall on her butt on the ice. Judging by the big dent she left behind in the snow, I’m willing to bet she lost a lot more than her pride on that fall.

Maybe it was the snow’s fault – it couldn’t have been her lack of traction due to her flip flops? Naw, that’s just too easy an answer . . .

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