Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nakedness or Just About

For those following my blog on a regular basis, you know I live in one of those posh high-end, high-security high rises above the clouds.

I’ve lived here a while, and I enjoy it. I love high rise living – I have the best view of the world, right from my windows and balcony.

When you live in a high rise, you see your neighbours more often than you do when you live in a fully detached house in the burbs. I’m always running into my neighbours whenever I go up or down the elevators, or any of the other common areas of the building.

That’s not always a bad thing, as it is good to know things about the people around you. Though sometimes I think I know too much.

I was waiting for the elevator to go down, and as I got on, there was one of my neighbours from the floor above (I live on the second highest floor). I’ve seen her many a time before and we always ask how the other is. But today, she was wearing not much more than just a bathrobe and slippers.

Now, she’s not an unattractive woman, but even if she were, the common areas aren’t exactly private areas where you can walk around sans clothes. Yes, we have security cameras everywhere, and you need a special high-tech toggle thing-a-ma-bop to get into the building. But do you really want people you don’t really know that well, to see what you don’t wear while at home?

This building is huge, there have to be at least a thousand people living here, given the number of floors and the number of units per floor. Then you consider, all the guests constantly coming and going to visit people who live here, pizza and other fast food delivery dudes stomping through, and you have a vast assortment of total strangers who really are totally strange to those who live here.

I don’t know about you, but when I order a pizza, I make sure I’m wearing pants so the pizza delivery guy doesn’t run away before delivering my pie.

The same should hold for traveling throughout the building. My neighbour was trying to get hold of someone in property management, as she was having a water leak somewhere. Maybe she was in the middle of a shower, and discovered her water woes, and that’s why she was just in a bathrobe and not much else.

Still, when I go down to the pool, I always toss on a shirt, and make sure I’m fully clothed as I go through the halls to get there. And I know property management is always around, unless she was literally swimming her way out the door, she should have had time to toss on some decent clothes.

Maybe she was hoping the building maintenance guys would see her in not much at all, and hurry on up to fix her plumbing (pun, sadly intended)?

All I know is living in a high rise above the clouds, definitely isn’t dull.

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