Monday, September 03, 2007

Where's Jerry?

Today is Labor Day – the last long weekend of the summer. This has traditionally been known as the last day of summer – though summer doesn’t officially end for another three weeks.

When I was a kid, Labor Day meant getting ready for school. We’d go with my dad shopping for back to school supplies. I had a blast running up and down the isles with my brother and shopping cart, looking for paper, pens, markers, binders and all the other typical things you’d buy for school.

Labor Day also often involved going to friends and relative’s houses. We’d often be watching the Labor Day telethon for Muscular Dystrophy with Jerry Lewis at home, and wherever we went, that very same telethon was on television.

The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon was a sure sign that summer was about to come to an end. I remember seeing the ads on television weeks prior to it, and thinking to myself – no – summer can’t be over not yet!

They even had posters in the local Mac’s Milk – promoting Jerry and his kids.

The Jerry Lewis telethon used to have some big name celebrities to – Ed McMahon, Bob Hope, Brook Shields – I remember seeing Sammy Davis Jr. sing and dance too.

What ever happened to Jerry Lewis and his Labor Day telethon?

I was thinking about this today, as I haven’t seen it on the tube. Hadn’t seen any posters for it. Hadn’t heard or seen anything about it.

Turns out it is still on the air – but with all the other media in our lives, it has taken a very small spot in the back seat.

With our 500-plus channel universe, the Internet, computer games, and other distractions, people just don’t hear much about anyone thing anymore, unless a billion or more dollars is spent to hype it up.

Or some talentless celebrity with nothing but money and looks promotes it, then it is popular. If Paris Hilton or Britney Spears took time out of driving drunk, partying too hard, and showing what they don’t have on underneath their skimpy slutty outfits to promote good causes like telethons to raise money for disabled kids, then everyone would be watching Jerry Lewis and his kids.

But the world doesn’t rotate that way.

Jerry is on the air, and he’s got some celebs rooting for him. He’s got the usual cute kids in wheelchairs too. And there are always large donations made in person by fire fighters, police, the military and others.

It is nice to know Jerry and his kids are still at it. It just wouldn’t be Labor Day without Jerry and his kids.

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