Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Sniffle Snuffle Free Day

As summer draws to a close, allergy suffers like me can finally breath free, sans medication.

Every spring, as my nose starts to run, my eyes water and itch and my breathing becomes all the harder, I run to the local pharmacy and stock up on anti-histamines. The local pharmacy is always ready – just as allergy season approaches, they jack up the price of these anti-histamines.

All summer long I’m popping pills, so that I don’t look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Around this time of year, I can usually stop the anti-histamines and be drug-free. Problem is, I never know exactly when Mother Nature’s schedule will ‘fit in’ with my allergies.

I know, I could wait until we have frost, but that might not be until October, or even November. So, I go a day or two without anti-histamines. I sniffle, I snuffle and I look like I’m either sick, or constantly crying.

Then I pop some more pills, and magically I’m back to normal. Only to have to try the whole process again, until that one faithful day comes, when I’m off the drugs and sniffle snuffle free.

Or so that used to be the case. Then global warming kicked in and ruined the celebration of my first sniffle snuffle free day.

I celebrated that sniffle snuffle free day a week ago. I went off my anti-histamines and was okay – no itchy watery eyes, no runny nose and hey – I could breathe!

But today the sniffles are back, the eyes are watery and I do have some trouble breathing.

See, with global warming, the planet’s natural cycles have all been thrown out of whack. We’re seeing unusually high temperatures this time of year, which is causing plants to continue producing spores, longer than they normally do.

It’s those spores which ACHOO – excuse me – BLOWS NOSE – it’s those spores which cause us allergy suffers so much agony.

So, allergy suffers like me, may stop our medications, only to have to go back on them suddenly, simply because the planet is a couple of degrees hotter than it was a decade or so ago.

They say you’re not supposed to mix alcohol with any sort of medication. Though the next time I celebrate a sniffle snuffle free day, I think I’ll celebrate with a bottle of Champaign – because I hope that’s the last sniffle snuffle day I have until the spring.

Hey, if I’m wrong, just means I get more Champaign

Guess there are some fringe benefits to this global warming thing after all.

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