Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Young N Dangerous – Mum’s the Word

I see a lot more young, single mothers out there than in the past. Maybe we live in a more promiscuous society, or maybe these young women just got involved with the wrong man. But with all the stupid things I see these young mums do – you’d swear it was because they couldn’t figure out how to use birth control.

I saw one young mum today park across the street from a daycare centre, pick up her toddler, and run across an icy field. Yeppers – she and the toddler went flying. The toddler probably bore the brunt of the fall, as she was literally tossed into the air, and the mother came crunching down on top of her.


Saw another young mother with a couple of kids and she was letting them run around a busy fast food restaurant. People around didn’t think it was cute – one lady almost lost her tray of food when one of these kids whipped around her like a dog chasing its tail.

I think they ought to pass a law – if you’re too stupid to have kids, tough. If you can’t pass a basic parenting 101 type of test, then get a dog, a cat, maybe a fish is more your speed. At least when you mess up a fish’s life, you just flush it. It is a lot harder to mend a broken childhood.

There have been stories in the news of parents leaving their kids unattended – some as young as three-months-old – in the backseat of a car, while the parent went shopping. One person even left the engine running so the car wouldn’t get cold. Cool – some car thief not only will get your minivan, but your child too.


Parenting isn’t an easy job. But it is a job – and you really have to want that job to do it well. If you had an “accident” – do your children a favor and give them to someone who wants to be a parent.

Seriously, it is one thing to quit your job at McDonald’s – it is quite another to just slack off as a parent.

Poorly raised children end up on the fringes of society. They have bad role models at home, and they pick up those bad vibes and act on them later in life. Axe murders are not born, they are created by slacking, stupid parents that don’t give a rat’s ass.

Society would be better off if those not suited to be raising a kid, were sterilized. That’s the solution – pass me my knife!

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