Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Where’s the Your Spine?

I occasionally participate in an online forum discussing The Simpson’s. It is a great place to talk about the latest episodes, the upcoming movie – opening worldwide on July 27, 2007 – and other things related to the television show.

Recently, I noticed an alarming trend – lack of backbone.

People would flame others for disagreeing with them, and others in fear of being flamed would post corrections to their previous comments.

Get some backbone people!

If everyone agrees, what the hell is left to talk about?

The Internet is a wonderful way to share ideas worldwide with complete strangers. And being afraid of some stranger not liking your ideas is beyond childish. Not too mention it takes away from the whole purpose of sharing ideas, commenting on ideas, and having some sort of dialogue.

If the majority of the conversation revolves around correcting yourself because of fear – then there isn’t much to really talk about.

I was actually surprised that people online would be so pussy-whipped. With all the “evil” online, you’d figure we’d all at least have some backbone.

With child predators, lurkers, and other nastiness online, you’d figure even those that are relatively normal would at the very least, be able to take a stand on something and stand by that very stand.

Maybe that’s part of the problem – we’ve been beaten down so much in society that we back down the second someone says “boo.”

I enjoy reading and commenting on opinions – and I don’t beat anyone down. I express my thoughts and welcome comments and feedback.

Maybe this is why I get so few comments on my blogs? It is okay to post comments in here – I like reading comments. I may even comment on your comments – but that’s good – it means your comments moved me in some way.

And if you can move the creator of the thoughts, then chances are you’ll move others with those thoughts.

So go ahead – post comments, tell me what you think. Stand up for your own free speech – speak and forever be spoken.

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