Saturday, February 03, 2007

Workout Songs

The world is soundful place – there are sounds all around us.

From the sounds of traffic, to birds, to people talking, eating, even singing.

The other day at the gym, I heard someone singing in the shower. Now, singing in the shower is fine – if you are alone at home. But subjecting others to your off-key rendition of something that sounds like – well uh er – it didn’t sound like anything to be frank – is wrong, wrong, wrong.

I can’t sing – anyone who knows me well enough knows that. I may hum in the shower occasionally, but only if it is my shower at home – not the one at the gym. I won’t even do karaoke – unless heavily under the influence of several drinks.

Singing in the shower is a way of expressing joy, happiness and other good feelings. And it should – singing is a great stress reliever. As is working out -- after a workout, most people feel energized, a-buzz with energy and adrenalin.

However, singing in the shower at the gym is no different from walking through downtown Toronto naked. Sure, you may get compliments, but you’d also probably offend a great deal of people.

Same with singing in the shower at the gym – some people may actually like your off-key wails and moans. Others will be offended.

I’ve been to my fair share of gyms over the years, and there is always some freak thinking he’s Frank Sinatra. They have signs all over the showers, telling us not to leave our towels on the benches or floors, to be careful because the floor may be slippery when wet, don’t drop the soap – just kidding about the last one.

Maybe they should put up another sign – no singing in the shower. That would quash that problem like a bug. After all, we all obey every sign we see. . .

Then again, maybe not.

Guess I’m stuck listening to bad beats gone terribly wrong.

Pass me a towel.

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