Thursday, February 22, 2007

What's Your Addiction?

So, What’s Your . . .

. . . addiction?

Shhh. . . can’t talk now . . . playing online games at

Faster! Tighter! HARDER!


Now look what you’ve made me do. . .

Online games are addicting. When I have some time to kill, or I’m on my computer and I should be doing something else, I can often be found playing some online game.

People used to line-up and pay mega-bucks to buy the latest games at some store. Some would spend hours downloading them off the net. Others would use them as excuses to hang at a friend’s place.

These days, all you have to do is surf on over to one of the many online game websites and play these things for FREE.

Yeppers – you heard that right. . .


As in no money, no problem.

You’d think you get what you pay for – wrong!

Some of these online games are very well done – you’d swear they were put out by the big gaming companies. I’ve played flying games, car games, arcade games, puzzle/mind games, even adventure games – all online – all free – most amazingly put together.

Makes me wonder why people still stand in line at 2am to be the first to drop $300 a pop on the latest Xbox, PlayStation or other such gaming system. Who wants a computer with the sole purpose to play games? Why spend hundreds on a gaming system, when you can get comparable games – even better ones – online for FREE?

Most games sold in stores allow you to play over the Internet with others with the same game – for a fee. A lot of the free online games allow you to all of this – again for free!

Yeah, I know, owning the latest gaming console is a lot like owning a Porsche – it says something about you and your status in society.

But I bet you’d save enough to buy that Porsche faster, if you played the free games online.

Vrooom! Vrooom!

We’ll see who has their Porsche first.

Let the races begin.

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