Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Ultimate Cubicle Question

Sometimes I really wonder why I am here. No really – why am I here?

I’m sitting at a client site waiting for what we in the industry refer to as a SME – pronounced “SMEE” – which is a Subject Matter Expert – to get back to me with information I require to do my job.

All is quiet, as there isn’t anyone around – yet it is almost 9:30am! Everyone claims to come in around 7:00am to justify their early departures around 3:00pm – but on the training team, there is just me and one other person – out of a team of 12.

So, I sit here, typing out a blog, wondering why I am here?

I can’t do my work without the information from the SME, and I have done all the other work which I had too up to this point. So, I’m literally sitting idle, twiddling my thumbs, wondering what to do next?

At least I look busy while writing a blog – makes me appear to have something important to do. And appearances – especially in this place – are important. People don’t seem to understand that real talent is displayed in the end product – the work completed on a project.

Instead, they grant privilege and access to those who appear to be talented in their tasks, when in fact they too, are probably sitting idle. And we have all heard that saying about idle hands . . .

Makes me wonder how many people throughout all the offices around the world, are sitting idle, with nothing to do. Imagine how much money is wasted on salaries, consultant fees, even supplies for these people, who have nothing to do.

Well, at least I am paid big bucks in my consultant role, regardless of what I have or haven’t got to do. Though I have been a good consultant, and provided countless suggestions, and things they could best spend their money on me, while they have me on contract. I’ve consulted with them – providing them with ways to utilize me as a resource, exploit my talents, abilities, skills, knowledge and expertise.

They took a look at my reports, but because they promote those who appear to be in the know, rather than those who really are in the know, they just glossed over it, placed it on a shelf, and let it collect dust.

Meanwhile, here I sit, idling like a car, waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

Is it five o’clock yet?

Damn – only 9:35am – only killed a handful of minutes writing this blog. I hate being a writer sometimes, because the words just come too easily and don’t kill the time I need to kill.

Maybe I’ll start taking longer coffee breaks – too bad I don’t like coffee.


  1. Hah, so you were just paid for writing a blog, essentially? I wish I could do that. The best thing I've ever been paid for at work is buying gum.

    My dad sits idle a lot at his office. When I was at his house, he called me five or six times a day from work.

    Snap, I have to get up in three hours to catch a train!

  2. LOL

    I wish I was paid to write blogs all the time, not so, just seems that way when I get a poorly managed client.