Friday, August 01, 2008

The X-Files Meets Ozzy Osborn

David Duchovney is a pretty good actor – he made it big on the cult-hit The X-Files TV show back in the 1990’s.

He’s done some psudo-soft-porn in The Red Shoe Diaries, and most recently had an amazing streak as a writer with permanent writer’s block in Californication.

I haven’t heard much about the X-Files since the last movie back several years ago. The movie wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t nearly as good as the television show which originally spawned it.

Mulder and Scully are back, in the latest X-Files movie, which opened recently in theatres.

I was thinking about this while on my way to work the other day – it is hard to imagine the characters as they were, since so much as gone on since then.

I’ve seen some episodes of The Red Shoe Diaries, and all of the first season of Californication – I’m really looking forward to the coming season, provided Showtime Networks brings it back.

For most actors I never really think about them as one particular character versus another. But I’m thinking how hard it will be to see Duchovney playing Fox Mulder, a dry, FBI agent, since I’ve seen him play a colourful, witty, and wild rocker-writer-type in Californication.

Think about it, when you go to see a Johnny Depp movie, you don’t think about whether his character will be the same as that other movie he did – unless it is the same character of course. When I watch Pirates of the Caribbean, I know Johnny Depp will entertain as the nutty Capt. Jack Sparrow, just as I know when I see Edward Scissor Hands, Johnny Depp doesn’t fail to impress with his Edward character. Johnny Depp is different in all his movies – he really can become other people.

David Duchovney doesn’t seem to offer the same range – he’s the same in all his roles, just sometimes better mannered, and armed.

I suppose all actors have their strengths and weaknesses – they are human beings, just as you and me. But isn’t the whole point of being a great actor, to play many different roles, and become many different characters?

Isn’t the sign of a great actor, one who can appear completely different from one role to another?

But then again, I suppose not all actors are great, just good at what they do.

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