Friday, August 08, 2008

Relaxing Falling Water

One of my current client’s is so very stressful, I practically run out of the office every chance I get, like I am escaping something terrible.

In many ways I am – the atmosphere is pretty terrible. A divide and conquer approach, tossed into a highly individualistic and just as highly unproductive workplace, makes for something anyone in their right mind would want to escape.

Just like a kid in school running out to play during recess, I escape to the great outdoors. There is this very peaceful, quiet and relaxing water fountain not far from the client’s offices.

During lunch, I run out to that fountain, find a cold metallic chair, and sit and stair at the water fountain. Moving water is very soothing – from the sound, to the soft mist, to the fact watching it takes my mind away from the horrors of this horrific workplace.

I love this little fountain, and I’m surprised I haven’t run into others from the same office, escaping here too. Though maybe they are used to or enjoy the fatalistic approach – sickos all.

Anyone who enjoys relishing in making another person’s life hell is messed up in the head. Though I think a large part of the problem lies with management’s inability to manage . . . but hey, we’re talking about the peaceful water, NOT work!

Seagulls and pigeons fly in and out of the water. The pigeons are so accustomed to people feeding them, that they have absolutely no fear of people. They come right up to you and will actually eat out of your hand if you stay very steady.

Some of the pigeons are just like dogs, begging at their owner’s feet during dinner. They actually will come up and stare right at you, pleading with you to toss them some crumbs – and these are birds we are talking about!

There are ice cream trucks on the street, and hot dog vendors too, and they probably make a killing during lunch, as the water fountain area is always packed with others escaping from the troubles that plague them during work.

I love looking up at the sky, and just watching the bright white clouds dance across the brilliant blue sky. With the mist from the water, and the sound of the water fountain, it is pure relaxation.

Then I have to get back to reality, and back to hell. But at least this contract will be ending in a few short weeks, so I don’t feel the urge to escape.

I have never had any urges to run, to escape elsewhere, but this office is just so out there, so isolationistic, and so un-motivating that end of the day, I am completely wiped. I’m thankful for the few moments I can steal away at the water fountain – at least that gives me a chance to re-energize and recharge my already frustrated juices.

I’m just glad it isn’t winter, else the water would be ice, and I’d have no where to relax. Then, I’d probably be driven mad.

I wonder if the first person to go “postal” did so in winter?

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