Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why the Canadian Government Is a Sham

Canada’s federal government has gone through four elections in the last five-years – and we could be having yet another federal election if the opposition parties have their way tomorrow.

The three opposition parties are all expected to vote against the ruling Conservative Party’s financial report, and possibly force Canadians to the polls in the fall. Already, the Bloc Quebecois and the New Democratic Party of Canada have said they will vote against the report which just leaves the federal Liberal Party to make or break the deadlock against the current Canadian government.

Last time a federal election was called, it was called by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, because he felt he just couldn’t work with the other three parties. The result – we got pretty much the same government we had prior to the election. Prime Minister Harper was re-anointed to the Prime Minister’s office, and his Conservative Party snuck into power with a minority government.

Over the past five-years, we’ve seen our fair share of federal elections, each one costing Canadian taxpayers on average between $100 to $270 million dollars, and taking time away from what governments are supposed to be doing – governing.

And that’s the real problem with Canada’s federal government, they just don’t do enough of what they are expected to do, because they are always getting in each other’s way.

Just think about it, the last election was called because our country’s leader felt he couldn’t work with the other federal party leaders. The other federal party leaders were threatening to call a non-confidence vote, because they just didn’t like the way the ruling leader was running the country.

If these were kids, we’d just forbid them from playing together, maybe send them to bed without dinner. But these aren’t kids, they are fully grown adults, and they are all in leadership roles.

But instead of taking their jobs seriously, and enjoying the banter and debate of questioning policy, to ensure fairness and balance in the laws which guide all Canadians, they act like children. They call each other names, try to make each other look bad, and just disagree with each other without having any real basis other than their strong dislike for the person and the party that put forward the motion in the first place.

Is it any wonder that our federal government has done anything at all in the past five-years? Come to think of it – what has our federal government done in the past five-years?

Well, they have called a number of elections, filled with the usual one-up-manship, ridiculous promises, and negative campaign commercials typical of elections in Canada. They have participated in election debates during these elections, even offending one of the up-coming political parties by protesting their involvement.

They welcomed the new president of the United States of America to Canada for a quick tour.

They all have cut ribbons, and handed out big cheques for photo opportunities.
But has the Canadian government actually done anything worthwhile, to make Canada a better place to call home?

For that to happen, we’d actually need to have a government that works – one where despite the personal and political differences of those involved, they all actively participate in the creation of policies and programs which have an impact on life in Canada.

Too bad the federal government is composed of children that just don’t want to play in the sandbox with each other, instead of adults willing to do whatever it takes to make Canada strong.

Monday, the children running the country will squabble again, about how the current federal economic stimulus package isn’t working – but it’s all just a sham. There hasn’t been enough time since the initial plan was announced – let alone since the last federal election – for the government’s plans to have any effect, good or bad.

This could trigger another election, putting aside the business of running the country again, all because no one was willing to suck it up and actually do their job.

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