Thursday, June 04, 2009

President Obama On Right Path, Down a Long Road

Early this morning, while many were just waking up, U.S. President Barack Obama was trying to make things right.

Around 6:30 am EST, President Obama spoke at the Cairo University, to try and mend relations between his country of fifty states, and the Muslim world. The speech was carried live outside the States on an American government server, and was hyped on the popular social networking sites Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.

Calling for “a new beginning” President Obama is on the right track towards making peace in the Middle East – and we aren’t talking about the ongoing war in the West Bank of Israel.

Since the tragic events of Sept. 11 – commonly called “9-11” – when the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon were attacked, there has been a war between America and the Muslim world. Tensions have run high between the two cultures, as then-American President George W. Bush launched bombing runs in Afghanistan and Iraq, and called for the deaths of Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, their families and their associates.

Those tensions have carried over to much of the Muslim world, many of whom have nothing to do with the actions on Sept. 11 – and here is where current President Obama must have a new beginning.

Although President Obama talked about the wars in the Middle East, his four-nation tour half-way ‘round the globe isn’t about peace in the Middle East – it is all about peace between America and the Middle East.

The war of words between American political, cultural and business interests within the Muslim countries has escalated, to the point where many won’t do any business with North American-based companies.

This impacts global trade at a time when all countries are looking for more ways to do more business, not less.

Although President Obama has a green plan of action, to reduce America’s dependence on oil from the Middle East, until that green plan is in full swing, America needs to have decent or better relationships with the powers that be in the Middle East.

It will be interesting to see just how far President Obama goes to make peace between his country and those on his Muslim world tour. Will he continue to disguise his true intentions in the banter of peace in the Middle East, or will he actually go so far to apologize for his predecessors fowl tongue and actions?

If President Obama really wants to re-establish good relations between America and The Middle East, he’ll most likely have to the later, because if he doesn’t stand up to the plate and apologize for America’s behaviour in the past, there may not be much of a future going forward.

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