Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jordan’s Daily – Almost! – Growing Up

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed a few changes over the past few days.

Gone are some of the campy personal links to some of my favourite television shows, replaced with news feeds from some of the big news outlets around the globe.

And as you scroll down, you’ll see I’ve even thanked you for reading – and I really mean it. Without YOU there wouldn’t be much of a need for me to stumble through my morning hot chocolate, scouring the headlines, watching television, even surfing the net, to figure out what to write.

It’s all about YOU – your feedback, good or bad is always welcome – and encouraged. Just the other day, I received a lengthy comment from one of my readers, a fellow writer, and friend, chewing me out for “hitting a nerve” and she concluded her letter with an apology hoping there were “no hard feelings.”

When I wrote regular columns for newspapers years ago, I loved getting letters and emails – even the occasional death threat. Well okay, not so much the death threats, of which thankfully there were only two in over a decade of writing those. We writers, be it for newspaper, television, radio, or here on the so-called “blogsphere” thrive on your comments and feedback.

Be it rolling your eyes in bewilderment, rolling on the floor laughing, or wanting to roll me into the nearest dumpster, whatever comes to mind from reading this blog – by having some sort of reaction it means I’m doing my job.

And what is my job on here anyway?

My job is to get you to think. If by some chance of pure luck, you read something here on Jordan’s Daily – Almost! and it stirs something deep within you – awesome – I’ve earned my keep for the week!

Even better, if that something I’ve stirred within you get’s you so moved, that you take fingers to keyboard and hammer out a comment to me – which I highly recommend and encourage. A link to add your comments is at the end of every posting – you don’t have to join Blogger, it is completely free, and an incredible way of interacting in this highly interactive world.

Many other changes are coming, some have already been implemented – including a cool way for you to rate me, and even increase readership to your own blogs – if you happen to write one. On the right-hand column is a link from Scribnia, a free rating and review service open to all bloggers (and other writers). Bloggers such as myself, writers from the New York Times, and many other blog sites and publications are on this service.

The theory behind it, the more reviews you get, and the more targeted readers are driven to your blog. It’s free to rate and review others, and to add your own blog or publication. I encourage other bloggers to take advantage of this free service. And hey, even if you don’t have a blog, PLEASE review this blog!

Other changes include easier and more visible ways for you to subscribe to this blog using Really Simple Subscription (RSS) Atom feeds, and some other common feeds including Google, My Yahoo! and Bloglines. (This blog is carried on my Facebook via an RSS feed – for those who wonder about some elements not visible on the Facebook feed).

At the very end of Jordan’s Daily – Almost! – you have to scroll all the way to the bottom – is the Blogger Followers section. This is where fellow bloggers using the Blogger service can subscribe to this blog as a follower. The follower concept is pretty cool too – you follow me, I follow you, your followers can follow me, my followers can follow you, and everyone follows everyone else. Confused? Me too – but suffice it to say, it’s a good way of automatically keeping up with this blog if you use Blogger – so please follow me if you’re a fellow Blogger user.

More changes are on the way, some driven directly by your feedback.

I began Jordan’s Daily – Almost! three-years ago, taking my then Myspace blog and posting it here, for those without a Myspace account to read. (I have since exchanged Myspace for Facebook, for those wondering why they can’t find me on Myspace.)

Since I first hammered out my first blog, I have written over 440 of these things, had almost 11,000 readers and gone through countless mugs of hot chocolate.

Thank you – no – THANK YOU – for reading Jordan’s Daily – Almost!

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