Saturday, February 02, 2008

Transition Lenses Really Work

I recently got new glasses – same prescription, just new lenses and frames.

I went all out and got everything imaginable on two pair of glasses. These lenses have everything – anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-dust, extra thin and my favourite feature of all – Crizal Transitions from Essilor.

These lenses are clear indoors, but when I go out into the sun, they automatically darken to a full dark grey lens.

When I first experienced the actual transition, I kept taking off my glasses to see how dark they got. They get to a full sun-glass dark tint.

This is awesome as one of my pet peeves – as many eye glass wearers probably experience – is the constant changing of glasses. Every time I go from the outside in, there is always a delay, as I have to fumble with putting my sun glasses away, and taking my regular glasses out.

No more fumbling – my glasses automatically change back to clear lenses when I go inside. This is not only a real time saver, but better for the glasses. It lessens the chance that I will drop or scratch a lens as I fiddle with putting one pair away, and taking the other pair out.

I remember years ago, I had a girlfriend that had these transition type lenses. They always seemed to go dark in the wrong places. And sometimes outside, they wouldn’t get dark enough.

The technology has improved a lot since then – these new transition lenses go from clear to dark fairly quickly, and they go to the right levels of tint for the conditions.

I’m really happy with my new transition lenses, and I highly recommend them to anyone getting new glasses. It is easier and cheaper to get transition lenses, than opting for a pair of sun glasses and a pair of regular glasses.

Though I did get two pairs of glasses, both pairs have exactly the same type of lenses – they are both transition lenses. I needed a backup pair as my older backup pair was getting warn. It is always a good idea to have a backup pair of glasses, because you never know when something may happen to the ones you wear every day.

Though one of my new pair of glasses also has a flexible frame! It actually is designed to absorb some of the shock of an impact. This is great for someone like me, with a fairly active life style.

My other pair of glasses are titanium – they aren’t flexible, but they are very strong. So, if my regular glasses break, I have a strong titanium backup – with all the other features of the lenses as my regular pair.

Now, if only they can create an eye glass with a built in television and DVD player . . .


  1. Thanks, I was thinking about gettin transitions but wasn't sure... my puppy just chewed on my lenses and it is imposible to see through :)

  2. I have had mine for about 6 months and have had the lenses replaced once due to scratching and they need to be replaced again. I have just heard there is an issue that has just surfaced regarding the quality of the more recent lenses. Anybody else experience this?