Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why Writing Just Comes Easy -- To Me

Writing is easy for me. I can write a two-page blog in under twenty minutes. The one you’re reading right now only took me fifteen.

Why is writing easy to me, but hard for others?

Once a wordsmith, always a wordsmith.

I love to write and I supposed that is part of it. Because if you enjoy something, you not only tend to do it well, but you tend to do it fast and effortlessly.

But I also have a lot on my mind, most of the time. So there again, I have lots of ideas of what to write about.

Funny thing though, I can start hammering out a blog, or anything once in front of a computer. But put me in front of a piece of paper and pen, and I instantly get writer’s block.

I guess I am so used to writing on a computer, the very thought of writing without a computer just blows my mind. I will eventually be able to write something down on that paper, but it’ll take longer to come by than had I been placed in front of a computer.

I never really knew I was a writer-type until I started volunteering for the campus paper way back in my university days. One long lazy summer, I ventured into the campus paper’s offices and inquired how to get involved. I wrote for every issue until my graduation after that day – and I really enjoyed it.

It was a lot of fun digging up information, interviewing people, taking photos, and then seeing my byline in the paper – usually throughout the paper on several stories.

I still wonder what would have happened, had I never taken the initiative to explore the school paper? I’d never know that I enjoyed writing, and I’d probably be working some joe-job at McDonald’s or something.

Then again, maybe I would have ended up the next Ron Jeremy, pursuing that porn career. . .

Yeah, right.

Though kudos to Ron Jeremy – he’s every man’s man. He proved that you don’t have to be tall, dark, handsome and nicely waxed to get the hot babes into bed.

I still would have probably stumbled into my writing ways somehow. Maybe if it wasn’t for the campus paper, it would have eventually been something else. Maybe all those essays I wrote while in university?

Once bitten by the writing bug, it is hard to let go. So the porn industry loses a potential talent, but the world has gained another writer!

Some people are good at math, some science, some drawing and painting. I’m not good at any of those things – though I can blow stuff up real well – does that count as science?

We take our strengths and build on them, to develop meaningful lives in work and play. Those that are good in math do math-related things, those in science do science-related things, and those good at art, usually sell their art door-to-door. . .

Well not really. Not all. Just some.

I’m a writer, and I peddle words for sale.

Wanna buy a vowel?

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